Driving instructions from Heraklion Int’l airport “Nikos Kazantzakis” (HER) to Elounda Solfez Villas

GPS: 35.232392, 25.731085

Due to recent upgrading works in the area of Elounda, all signs leading to hotels and villas are temporarily removed, from the traffic lights junction of Agios Nikolaos to Elounda, in order to be replaced with new aggregated ones.

In the case that you rent a car from the airport, you will need the following driving instructions in order to reach Elounda Solfez Villas.

At the airport exit, you will turn right, following the E75 national road to Agios Nikolaos. After approximately 50 to 60 minutes pleasant drive through the fascinating Cretan scenery, you will reach the traffic lights junction, at the entrance of Aghios Nikolaos Town.

Right there, you will turn to the left following the signs to “Elounda”. You will be driving the peripheral road from Agios Nikolaos to Elounda.

After almost 10 min. drive (9km) and having passed a sign to a nearby village “Ellinika” (or “Lenika”) you will see an “S” shaped building to your right with the sign “Mirum”.

This is your signal for an upcoming left turn with a wide stop spot to your right exactly as you turn, for parking & making photographs (35.232874, 25.728139). You will understand you are on the right place, from the panorama of Mirabello Bay before your eyes.

Since the signs are removed from that point, once you are there, you have the option to give a swift call or text to our host Hippo and he will come over to meet and lead you to the villas, within 5 minutes. He will arrive in a red Yaris.

If you wish to continue to the villas, after a couple more minutes driving, you will be passing two more down slope turns, before almost reaching Elounda’s (village) official limits.

Now, stay alert for a small grocery shop (corner location - 35.241792, 25.726411), on your right hand side, with a white sign with blue and red letters right outside “Cafe Drosia”. 

As soon as you approach it, turn right and take the down slope and then turn again right at the end of it, as the first sign to Elounda Solfez Villas, is guiding you.

Follow the road and when it splits, go to the right (sign). Then there is another split, go to the left (sign). On the first right turn, you will see the last sign for the villas from the first split. This turn is leading you to a steep hill (thus our amazing views!) ahead of you.

Make sure you shift to the first gear and keep giving it gas to take you uphill. In case you see another car coming down, keep going, as you have priority due to the uphill. This is a private road which only the guests and the Solfez team are using, so there is hardly any “traffic”.

At the end of the hill, lay the Elounda Solfez Villas, as notes on a pentagram.

Hippo’s (Resident Solfez Host) mobile number: +30 6999 79 2499 (available 24/7).

Note: In case you are not used driving on the countryside, you can contact Hippo our resident host, prior to your arrival at the villas, so that he will be waiting for you at the beginning of the hill, in order to assist you.